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Project: Mobile Currency Reader


The concept behind the mobile currency reader is a cellphone based application that will take a picture of a bill with a camera phone and detect its value automatically. During the SS12 competition a prototype was developed that does basic recognition for specific test cases using the Java Mobile Edition cellphone emulator.


The mobile currency reader will accept an image as an input and attempt to match it against reference images. This is currently done from the command line.

Current Issues

The current implementation is very buggy, and needs work. It only correctly identifies in specific cases, and some cases can cause exceptions.

Future Plans

From the prototype developed at SS12, we want to develop a more robust identification algorithm and implement it on the Google Android platform.


Sudhindra Aithal
Marc Allen
Kevin Milner
Ojas Mulay
Tom Robinson
Avanthi Rajan

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Kelly Wills

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